Programmming professional grade applications for the average person for free.

Welcome to AppProgramming!

If you are a guest, membership is 100% free. When you sign up you can put in an app request by going to the Requests and Discussion page and creating a thread in the Requests section.

When you put in an app request, participating members will help you program a working application for either OS X or IOS. We only have three requirements.

1. You must have the Apple Developer Tools.

2. If you are developing for IOS, you must be a registered Apple Developer ($100 per year).

3. You must have some programming knowledge by the time your app is finished. This way, you can fix any problems that app may have. 

How to submit an app request

When you submit an app request, you will need a very good idea about what your app will do, and what it will look like. When you have it planned well enough to be functional, go to the Requests and Discussion page, and create a new thread. In this thread, describe the application you want made, and, if possible, include a sketch of the interface (what the user sees and interacts with). This will give us a good idea about what we need to do with it.

After you submit the app request, all participating members will contact you (by replying to your thread). We will then create a page that will show our progress, and enable you to answer our questions. A link to that page will be posted in your thread.

On that page, we will post the source code, screenshots of the interface, and any other helpful information. When the app has been finished, we will send you all of the files, and the compiled application. 

What about updates to the application?

If your app needs an update, post a new thread in the Requests and Discussion page. The thread should have the same name as your app, and the new version number. In the thread, describe the changes you want made to the app, and we will begin working again.

If your app is more than a few months old, you may need to send us the files (send to the Admin by email). We will get the update done as soon as possible, and we will give you daily updates until it is done.